With an IP based telecom system from GlobalHost your company can enjoy all the benefits of cutting edge VoIP technology, with none of the hassle, for one fixed monthly fee. Click here to watch a short video on how we can help you.

  • Low Up Front Costs
There’s no need to buy equipment with a GlobalHost Business Telecom solution. Just pay a setup fee and then one flat monthly fee.
  • Full Coverage
GlobalHost Telecom services provides a complete solution, even including free handset replacement.
  • All Upgrades Included
Rest assured, GlobalHost will upgrade your core equipment and software as needed, at no additional cost. Your system is never obsolete.
  • Full Daily Backup
GlobalHost backs up your entire configuration every day.
  • Enhanced Security vs Hosted Solution
A GlobalHost Business Telecom solution resides safely behind your corporate firewall.
  • Vendor Management Included
GlobalHost is your one stop shop for all telecom needs. Phone service, long distance, white pages - we handle it all for you.
  • Local Cold Spare
GlobalHost maintains a cold spare locally, so even a full system replacement is just a phone call away.
  • Highest Call Quality and Reliability
GlobalHost partners with tw telecom, the gold standard in business voice services. And because the service terminates in your office you are guaranteed the best possible call quality.
  • Fixed Monthly Cost
Tired of sticker shock each month? GlobalHost provides you with one fixed monthly fee for all your telecom needs.
  • Handset Replacement Included
With Consolidated Billing by GlobalHost, even a broken handset doesn’t cost you a dime.
  • Own Your Phone Numbers
Unlike with a reseller, your contract is directly with the company that provides your phone number, giving you peace of mind that you are in control.
  • Completely Customizable Solution
Don’t like having to dial 9 for an outside line? No problem. Want voicemail turned off for certain phones? No problem. If it’s doable, we’ll customize it for you. And it’s just about all doable.
  • Fail Over to Remote PRI
Your incoming calls can be configured to route to a remote PRI, ensuring that your system is up, even if your office isn’t.
  • Remote Extension Support
Workers at home? Another state? Timbuktu? Your system can seamlessly integrate phones in remote locations.
  • Fax Integration
No need for a separate fax line. Your GlobalHost solution integrates fax into your telecom system.
  • Fax to Email Capable
Incoming faxes can be routed directly to your email address.
  • Expandable
Your GlobalHost system can handle hundreds of phones. So adding a line means just purchasing the new phone. After that it’s plug and play.
  • Uses Existing Ethernet Wiring
No need for dedicated telecom wiring.
  • Unlimited Outbound Lines
If you ever make more outbound calls than you have lines, they will automatically roll over to an IP based network.
  • But Wait! There’s more:
Hold music, Customizable phone tree, Supports both receptionist and direct dial model, Can move phones in office without reconfiguration, Remote monitoring and proactive fixing, Outer island, mainland numbers available, Mobile integration, Toll free integration

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