You have better things to do than to wait for your web site host.  That’s why we guarantee we’ll answer your support request within seven minutes.  You choose the most convenient way for you to contact us – phone, email or chat.  And of course we also have support documents online and an FAQ to answer common questions.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

About GlobalHost 24 Hour Customer Support

Website Hosting (5)

Certainly. When ordering your new account, simply enter the name of the domain you’d like. We’ll register it for you.If you’re an existing customer, click on “New Domain” and type in the domain you’d like to register. We’ll contact you with the procedure for registering that particular domain.

No. Contact your local Internet Service Provider for internet access. We provide industry leading service by focusing on web hosting.

Yes. All GlobalHost accounts include MySQL.

Yes, all accounts are webmail enabled. Access your webmail at:

  To order a new domain name, visit this page in the helpdesk:

Business Telecom (7)

Your GlobalHost Telecom server will work with any SIP standard phone. There are several manufacturers in the market. One of the most popular is Polycom. We also offer Yealink phones, which use the same hardware and software as the Polycom but are quite a bit less expensive. Contact us today to learn more.

It depends. If you have SIP phones already, from the likes of Polycom, Yealink, Snom, etc., then you can use those phones with your GlobalHost Telecom system. Otherwise you can buy new phones or use our attractive leasing options. Click “UPGRADE Your Telecom” above to learn more.

GlobalHost owns the server we install in your office, so you pay nothing for the server itself. You only pay one low fee per month for each phone we support. The price per supported phone gets cheaper the more phones you have. Click “UPGRADE Your Telecom” above to learn more.

No, we don’t. You pay us month to month. If you are ever dissatisfied, you can cancel with just 30 days notice. That keeps us on our toes and ensures you get the best service and support possible. Click “UPGRADE Your Telecom” above to learn more.

Yes, it does. And your voicemail can be sent as an audio file to your email, so you can listen to it on any device where you check your email. Click “UPGRADE Your Telecom” above to learn more.

No, you don’t. For the flat monthly fee GlobalHost will take care of any phone system related issues. Configuration, changes, training, upgrades, repairs – it’s all included. Click “UPGRADE Your Telecom” above to learn more.

Yes, we can run an analog line to your existing fax machine, or we can configure an efax for you. With efax incoming faxes are sent as a PDF to your email, and you can send text or PDF files out as faxes. Click “UPGRADE Your Telecom” above to learn more.

Corporate Info (3)

We’ve been in business since 1998. We’re a growing, profitable company.

No, GlobalHost is a closely held corporation.

Our main data centers are in Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois and Honolulu, Hawaii. Our main call center is in Honolulu and we also have a sales and support office in Tokyo.